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Coulisse is a globally recognized company with 30-years of experience in the Windows Covering industry and successfully delivered outstanding design, styles, and innovation to new and returning clients.

Performance growth metrics

50%Increase in site speed & performance

30%Increased conversion rate

20%Increase in customers

10%increase in orders

Coulisse after using Gap Commerce

Before Gap Commerce, Coulisse was limited to the number of products they could sell online. It was challenging to provide that same level of experience to the end consumer since their products are highly customizable. Customers needed to be able to select the dimensions, material, color, and accessories to obtain a final price.

When they decided to implement the Gap Commerce technology to their site Coulisse enhanced the online shopper experience.

Gap Commerce strategically implemented technology that allowed for a real-time preview of the product. The technology allows customers to visualize products from multiple locations of their house, be it in the bedroom, living room, patio or kitchen.

In addition, the technology also features the flexibility to change wall colors to determine the choice of product.

It also facilitated the limitations they had for shipping to customers. We were able to custom-build and integrate shipping services with a shipping company. We also developed a custom-built, user-friendly interface for admins that allowed accessibility and management of different materials and price tables.

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