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Health & Beauty - Gloria Hincapie Spa

With over thirty (30) years of experience in the beauty industry, the talented therapist and aesthete expert Gloria Hincapié has created a renowned and revolutionary technique called the Hincapié Technique. It manually eliminates concentrated fat in specific areas of the body where it's difficult for larger machines to access. It also targets key areas where exercise or diet can't reach.

Performance growth metrics

300%Increase in site speed & performance

20%Increase in site visits

10%Increase in revenue

5%Increase in average order value

Gloria Hincapie after using Gap Commerce

They use Gap Commerce technology to empower their e-commerce business and sell their beauty products online. Her products expand into an assortment of teas, anti-cellulite products, and creams.

In the beauty industry, it's critical to provide full details in terms of Benefits, Ingredients, How to use, and demonstrate case studies that show effective results to their customers.By using Gap commerce they were able to enhance their product content.

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