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Emberz Delivery is one of the leading California compliant cannabis delivery services in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to light up your day by providing you the best brands, most comfort, and fastest delivery.

Performance growth metrics

250%Increase in site speed & performance

15%Increase in orders

18%Increase in average order value

7%Increase in customers

Emberz after using Gap Commerce

Before Gap Commerce it was difficult for them to find a platform that could customize Emberz’s delivery scheduling feature.They were limited in showcasing their entire inventory to their consumers.

We provided them with a solution-oriented platform that properly serviced their customers with a layout that allowed users to select from their entire inventory, order, select the delivery location, date, and time.

We were also able to incorporate a real-time feature, allowing for a live synchronization between their fulfilment center, purchase orders, and ERP systems.

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